RapidBlue Solutions proves impact of Google AdWords on brick-and-mortar stores

Helsinki, Finland – RapidBlue Solutions has successfully used its Shopper AnalyticsTM solution to prove the impact of advertising on Google AdWords on the brick-and-mortar behaviour of retail visitors.

The study was conducted by placing RapidBlue’s Shopper AnalyticsTM solution onto several retail premises in Helsinki, initially monitoring base line visitor behaviour inside retail sites. Retailers subsequently hosted online Google AdWords –campaigns for the specific retail sites where Shopper AnalyticsTM was employed to determine any visible change in visitor behaviour. Shopper AnalyticsTM remained employed in retail sites after the ending of retailer Google AdWords –campaigns to attribute any change in brick-and-mortar visitor behaviour to Google AdWords specifically.

To mitigate the impact of attributes specific to a particular day / week, the study was conducted by hosting Google AdWords-campaigns alternatively between retail sites, whilst having the Shopper AnalyticsTM solution present in all retail sites throughout the study.

The results showed Google AdWords to increase both brick-and-mortar retail visitor amounts and visitor dwell times by double digit figures. The sample size for the study was 4861 brick-and-mortar retail visitors.

The study confirms that the RapidBlue Shopper AnalyticsTM solution is ideally suited to measure the impact of media, whether print, online or mobile on the brick-and-mortar behaviour of retail visitors.

As a result of this study, RapidBlue plans to accelerate its provision of the Shopper AnalyticsTM tool for media impact measurement purposes internationally.